Thursday, March 21, 2013

Spring into Action - Week 11 (March 10 - 16, 2013)

5K In Paradise (Kennesaw, GA) - March 10, 2013

In November, Mom and I took part in the Anything is Possible 5K which takes part when the clocks "fall back" therefore you finish before you start.  

Due to growing popularity of the Anything Is Possible races, they added a new race this spring: 5K in Paradise.  5K in Paradise is a summer-themed 5K that celebrates spring and summer coming along with the "springing forward" of the clocks.  Since the race started at 1:50am, Mom and I both went to bed around 8:00pm so we could get a few hours rest before we had to wake-up and get ready to leave for the race by 12:30am.  In order to keep with the theme, Mom and I did luau costumes for the race.

The course for the race follows a route that is two laps of Town Center Mall.  I have ran several races that follow this course, so I know it pretty well.  The race went pretty well, check in was pretty smooth.  However, my one complaint was the attitude given to participants by volunteers.  One volunteer even yelled at us "you all are driving us crazy!"  In two years of running races, I have NEVER encountered something like this.  Granted, the race director on has limited control over volunteers, so I kept that in mind.  Regardless, it was still something I did not expect to happen.

The race started on time, which it really had to in order to ensure that we were on the course when the clocks "sprang forward."  The energy on the course was great as well.  Everyone was there to have a great time!  

Coming up to the finish line (photo by Tim of True Speed Photo)

The post race party was amazing as with the other Run For It races that they host.  On top of typical fruit and bagels, Zaxby's and Domino's were there as well.  In addition to food, there was also a contest for best beach wear, best costume, and a hula contest.  Even though we did not win, I think we looked fabulous (and had a blast).

Me during the costume contest (Photo by Tim from True Speed Photo)

On top of typical race swag, we received a tye-dye race shirt, a hurricane glass, and a lei.  

Race Pros:
Great shirt!
Hurricane Glass
Great post-race party!

Race Cons:
Volunteer attitude given to runners

Overall Race Rating: A-

Question of the week:  Have you ever done a "race after midnight"?  

Time to Run,


  1. DUDE the tie dye shirt is awesome! That one makes me jealous!

  2. Sounds like such a fun idea-finishing before you start!

    In October I will be doing Tower of Terror 10 Miler, and will be starting at 10pm!!!!!

  3. I've looked at the fall race but wasn't sure I could stay up that late! I never considered taking a late nap...makes so much more sense! Glad you and your mom had such a great time. :)

  4. Late nap is a MUST! That is the only way I can do it