Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Today, I am Just Half Crazy - Week 12 (March 17-23, 2013)

Publix Georgia Half Marathon (Atlanta, GA) - March 17, 2013

After my battle with tendonitis in fall 2011, I used the Publix Georgia Half Marathon as my "goal race."  In other words, I registered for this race a few days before my injury and I slowly trained to get back to half marathon millage.  Despite it being a rough course (it IS Atlanta, so yes it IS hilly!), the energy along the course is great.  With that in mind, I decided to do the 2013 race as well.

As with previous years, there was a full marathon as well as a half marathon.  New for 2013 was the addition of the Luckie 5K - the 5K was previously held the day before the full and half marathon.  While I did the half marathon, my parents did the 5K.

The Expo - March 16, 2013

As with most larger races, there was an expo for packet pick-ups.  I love race expos, even though my wallet begs to differ.  Race expos allows runners the opportunity to sample new products, shop for their favorite products, and of course sign up for more races!

The first thing I did was pick-up my packet!  I am ready to go now!

After getting my packet, it was time to shop!  A lot of my favorite products were at the expo including KT Tape!  I have written about my wonderful experiences with KT Tape several times over the past few months so you know how much I love this stuff!  I use KT Tape Pro which comes in a wide variety of colors.  The cost is about $20 for a roll of 20 precut strips, but the application lasts several days.  The number of strips used will depend on the application that you are using it for.  If you suffer any form of pain during exercise, I recommend checking out KT Tape to see if they can offer any solutions for you.  As always, I am not a doctor, so please talk to your doctor to see if KT Tape would be beneficial for you.  

The KT Tape booth offered 1 free application and free applications with your purchased tape.  I was in need of more tape, so I purchased tape at the expo and had 2 applications done.  

My first "professional" KT Tape application
Remember how I told you that this stuff stays for days.  Well, the tape stayed for a week even after running 13.1 miles in it.  I actually removed it prior to it coming off on its own!
A week later...

I of course had to visit the merchandise booth.  I didn't go too wild here - I just stuck with a shirt and a pint glass.  

My final "product" shopping stops were at Nuun Hydration and Bay Six USA  for some 26.2 gear.  Even 4 months later I still don't believe that I ran 26.2 miles!  When I see cute marathon merchandise, I like to treat myself to it.


My Bay Six USA purchases!

If I didn't already spend enough money, I had to make one last stop....RunDisney!  Yes, I am officially running the Wine & Dine Half Marathon.  The Wine & Dine Half Marathon is held at Walt Disney World during EPCOT's Food and Wine festival in November.  The race starts at 10:00pm and runs through Animal Kingdom, Studios, and finishes in EPCOT where an all night after party awaits you.  After giving yet more money to "The Mouse" I received this fun backpack and tote bag with my registration.  

Just as I was getting ready to leave the expo, I found out that my friends Heather and Megan were volunteering at packet-up.  Even though I knew I would be seeing them the next morning for the half marathon, I had to go get a photo op!

Race Day! - March 17, 2013

The race was held on St Patrick's Day - of course I have to have a themed outfit!  

My shirt is from Bay Six USA, skirt from no other than Team Sparkle, and my accessories are from the dollar section of good old Target!  The shamrock sleeves are just arm sleeves that I can remove once I get warmed up.  

I had several group meetings that morning.  I love getting to meet up with my followers and Team #runDisney friends.  My first meeting of the morning was with the group from Team #runDisney!  We had a quick meet-up followed by pictures so we could all get to our corrals and get ready for the race.

After meeting with the Team #runDisney group, I headed off to meet up with Megan and Heather.  While waiting for them, I ran into no other than Jessica and Liz!  This was such an exciting day for Liz - it was her first full marathon!  YAY LIZ!  

Jessica, Me, Liz
A few minutes later Heather and Megan made it to us.  Of course we did what we all do best - PICTURES!

Heather, Megan, Liz, Me, Jessica

Our cheerleaders: Christina, Liz's parents, and my parents
Liz with her parents before heading to the start

Pre-Race family picture!
We possibly spent a little too much time taking pictures (if that is possible).  Heather and I frantically rushed to try to get to our corrals, but there was such a bottleneck in the path to the corrals that we were not even in our corrals by the time the race "started."  We eventually made it into a corral that was close enough to being ours - haha!  

We made it!

Heather and I both run intervals via the Galloway method, but we got separated at the start of the race.  For the first 3 miles or so, I ran on my own.  There were thousands of runners around me and spectators lining a lot of the course, so the miles were going by fast.

I love my city!

Shortly before mile 4 Heather and I found each other!  We ran together from that point on.  I never run with anyone along my side so it was definitely a different experience for me - but I loved it!  

Which way should we go?
Up until around mile 10ish we were on pace to have Heather PR - on this course that is a huge achievement!  I had a blast running with Heather and I cannot wait to run with her at the Nike Women's Half Marathon in DC at the end of April.


Heather was ready for her chocolate milk!  Thanks PUBLIX!

We all finished!

Half Marathon #7!

I loved running this race again, and I have actually even registered already to run it again in 2014! I hope to see you all there!

Time to Run,


  1. Great race recap! I am still SO BUMMED I missed the runDisney booth at EXPO. I was hoping there would be some swag if I signed up for W&D onsite. ::Sigh:: ...I will also be running GA Publix Half next March. I want a rematch with those hills!

  2. I am ready for Wine and Dine!!!! It will be a really fun night for sure!

    I have a love-hate with the Publix course for sure, I love it up until the hills really kick in around mile 9!