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Fit for a Princess

Princess Half Marathon Expo - February 22, 2013

As with every RunDisney race, packet pickup is done via an expo.  Typically, RunDisney expos are held at Wide World of Sports, however since the Braves had spring training games the expo had to relocate.  This year's "Fit for a Princess" expo was held at Coronado Springs.  Due to very limited parking (reserved for guests), expo attendees had to come to the expo via bus from Downtown Disney or their Disney hotel.  Since we were staying at Coronado Springs, we just had to walk from our room to the convention hall.

As you walked into the expo, there was a HUGE open area dedicated for packet pick-ups.  Each event (half marathon, 5K, race retreat, chEAR Squad, etc) had their own designated area for pick-up.  Both the half marathon and 5K pick-up areas had a counters designated per bib number (which runners found on their waivers that we printed off the RunDisney website prior to coming to the expo).  

As you can see by the pictures, at the point we arrived to the expo there was no wait for bib pick-up.  However, after you received your bib, you had to go to the goodie bag/shirt pick-up.  When we arrived to the expo there was a HUGE line waiting for half marathon shirts, but that line disappeared quickly while we walked around the expo.  I ended up walking right up with no wait to get my shirt shortly after.

The line of the day were the New Balance RunDisney shoe line and the RunDisney merchandise line!  We waited in line for about 30 minutes just to get into the RunDisney merchandise booth.  Once you were in the booth, it was a solid line waiting to check out, so you essential just shopped as you moved your way up in line.  

We were stuffed into the booth!

I am glad that we got to the expo very early on Friday morning (around 11:00) because there was a huge selection of items (shirts, jackets, hats, pins, wine glasses, car magnets, etc).  However, while we were making our way through the line items were starting to sell out already.  I did hear reports that it appears that people that were not even in the race were scarfing up $2500+ worth of items.  Interesting enough, a lot of the high sought after items have made their way to ebay.  I did score some amazing merchandise at the RunDisney booth, so I am glad we decided to fight the crowd!

After getting our official merchandise we wondered around the expo to see what other running products we could find.  While wondering around we ran into Ali Vincent (first female Biggest Loser champion).  After running with Ali Friday morning at the RunDisney Princess Half Marathon Meet-up (  I could not wait to have my parents and Aunt Vicki meet her as well.  We are all huge fans of hers, so they were quite excited to meet Ali.  Most of the time when you meet someone at an expo it is a "take a picture, get an autograph, and move on to the next person" experience.  Well, Ali was NOT like this at all!  Ali spent time talking to each person that stopped by.  She talked to them about weight loss and healthy living then took pictures and signed autographs.  On top of all this, Ali gave each person a pink bracelet with "Live Big with Ali Vincent" on it.  The purpose of the bracelet is that Ali put it on the hand that you typically reach for snacks with so that it is a reminder of what you are about to put into your body.  Ali stressed that healthy living is not about NOT having treats, but doing it in a moderation.  Her message is amazing and she is honestly one of the sweetest people I have ever met!

While wondering around some more, we also ran into Jeff Galloway!  After running with him at the meet-up I just had to thank him again for the opportunity.  I still cannot believe I had the opportunity to run with him!  

At the RunDisney booth they had registration for Tower of Terror 10 miler as well as Wine & Dine Half Marathon.  With registration of an event you received a nice RunDisney sling bag.  With Dumbo Double Dare already on my calendar, I opted to not commit to another travel race at this time.  They also had the RunDisney race bling on display.  SO PRETTY!  This was my first time seeing the Princess Half medal in person - I was amazed with how big the medal was!

We finally got started on the best part of expos....SHOPPING!!!!!!!  I decided to highlight a few of my favorite purchases for everyone - I hope you enjoy these products as much as I do!

Team Sparkle ( sells all types of fun, sparkly, and girly running accessories.  They sell sparkly running skirts, racing wings, as well as arm and leg sleeves.  I had the opportunity to run with Kelly at the meet-up and she is such a sweet girl!  As you look at my meet-up, 5K, and half marathon pictures, my sparkly skirts as well as my wings at the 5K are all from Team Sparkle.  When you have a running occasion that you need a little sparkle (whether for a costume or just to be girly), check out Team Sparkle!  They have great prices, great products, great service, and you get your order quickly!  I am actually getting ready to order some Team Sparkle skirts for some up coming races.  

My name is Brandi and I am a #TeamSparkle addict!  Team Sparkle can be found at and you can follow them on Twitter (@runteamsparkle)

Sweaty Bands ( sells a wide variety of athletic headbands.  They carry a variety of colors, patterns, etc wider than you can imagine.  Most headbands either don't stay in place with my hair being so soft or they give me a headache - Sweaty Bands are the first headbands that I can actually run with.  I love them so much that they were my headband of choice for my first marathon this past December.  If I can run 26.2 miles in it, I can do anything in it!  I wore a green sparkly Sweaty Band for my Tinkerbell outfit for the 5K.

Another Mother Runner ( is a supportive community for women founded by Dimity McDowell and Sarah Bowen Shea.  Both of these amazing women were at the meet-up as well.  At their booth they offered shirts with great running slogans as well as their books.  Wether you are a mother or not, I highly recommend checking out their website!  They can also be found on Twitter (@TheMotherRunner)

Shop Another Mother Runner

Show Me The Medals ( carries a wide variety of medal racks.  My running medal rack is full from my 2012 bling collection, so I was in the market for a new medal rack to start my 2013 collection with.  I really like the fun saying on their racks as well as the different wood tones that are available.  My favorite part is that the medals hang on "S" hooks - my current medal rack is a flat bar so the medals never stay right for me.  

Shop Show Me The Medals at
Lift Your Sole ( has a wide variety of running accessories such as magnets, jewelry, signs, etc.  My favorite items of theirs are their barn wood signs.  These signs are just the right size to hang at your desk or with your race bling.  I got the sign that says "If you want to run, run a mile. If you want to experience another life, run a marathon."  This was my first expo since doing my first marathon, so I went a little 26.2 crazy :)

Shop Lift Your Sole at

Minus the line at the RunDisney Merchandise booth, the expo was a success!  I think with all that empty space in the bib pick-up area they could have made the merchandise area bigger.  The expo was  a little crowded, but it was expected.  I did hear that as the day got later and on Saturday that the expo became very crowded!  We walked by the convention area on Saturday morning and the there was a line of about 300-400 people outside just waiting to get into the expo hall!  They had to close off entry and let people in as people came out.  I heard from RunDisney veterans that this expo was very chaotic compared to the expos held the WWS.  

And for a little bonus on the way out....

Time to Run,

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