Sunday, February 10, 2013

Injury Update

2 weeks ago during the Polar Bear 5K I got a horrible pain in my left foot around about 1.5-2 miles in.  At first I thought that my running shoes were just wearing down too much - I had about 250 miles on them, so I was due for a new pair soon.  After getting a new pair of Asics, my foot pain was not any better (probably worse).

With the Princess Half Marathon quickly approaching, I figured it was time to throw in the towel and get my foot checked out.  I traveled to Pennsylvania this week for work, so I went through a few more days of pain before I could get in to see the doctor.  On a side note, it was very very cold and snowy in PA (duh, it is February).  Therefore, I was limited to hotel gym running for the week.

I got back home from Pennsylvania late Wednesday night and went to the doctor's office Thursday during lunch.  Due to limited availability of my normal foot doctor, I had to resort to one closer to work.  My mom has seen him before so I felt comfortable going to a different doctor this time.  Dr. Kahn and his staff were wonderful.  Everyone took into consideration my running and training schedule for my half marathons coming up.  

I was a little concerned when Dr. Kahn first started to exam my foot.  He barely touched my site of pain and I about flew off the exam table.  His response was "let me see if those X-rays are done yet."  A few minutes later he came back with the great news that I did not have a fracture!  After further examination, he diagnosed me with metatarsalgia.  Basically, I have severe inflammation of the joint of my big toe/ball of foot.  

After a bit of discussion, we decided to not do an injection because the long term risk outweighed the short term benefit especially with my running.  Therefore, for the next 2 weeks (and possibly after the half), I am in a walking boot for my day to day activity to reduce the stress and pressure on the joint.  I am also on anti-inflammatory for the next month.  The best part is, the doctor actually wants me to do some running over the next two weeks so my foot does not go into shock when I go to run 13.1 miles in 2 weeks.  THAT IS RIGHT - 2 WEEKS UNTIL DISNEY!!!!!

I think someone told Dr. Kahn what I wanted to hear because I could not have been more happy with what I was told Thursday afternoon!  I was worried that I would have been told no Princess (yea, like I would have listened to that treatment!).

Time to Run,

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