Sunday, February 17, 2013

Another Cold One - Week 7 (February 10 - February 17, 2013)

Locomotive 5K (Kennesaw, GA) - February 17, 2103

After a week of "milder" weather in Atlanta, there of course had to be a cold snap over the weekend!  I woke up at 5:45 this morning to be out the door for this week's race.  I knew when I woke up that it was going to be a VERY cold one!  However, I had an exciting alert on my phone when I woke up...

That is right! 1 week until my dreams of running through the castle come true!  If anything can make waking up at 5:45 happy, this is it!

Today's race was the Locomotive Half Marathon and 5K.  Typically, I would be all over running the half marathon, but with Princess next week (eeeek) I wanted to rest my legs.  As I pulled into the race parking lot, I figured I would check out the weather situation before checking in.  

That is right, COLD yet again!  I was even more thrilled when the race director informed us that the wind chill was 14!!!  I am glad I bundled up this morning.

Since there were 2 races, they did 2 separate start times (7:30 for the half marathon and 8:00 for the 5K).  

The overall race was great, there was a well marked start line, on-time start, great post race food, etc.  The course is one that I have a lot of experience with - it is the same course as Resolution Run and other races I have done.  

My foot actually felt "alright" for most if the race.  It wasn't until around mile 2 that I started to feel the pain - probably because it was frozen!!!!  Knowing I have a 5K and a half marathon next week, I didn't feel comfortable pushing it yet.

This race as part of a local running series and they always have a great post race party.  Today was no different (despite the bitter cold).  Awaiting runners were vendors such as Domino's Pizza, Zaxby's, Sweet Tomatoes, Muscle Milk, etc.  The funniest part of the race had to be the frozen cups of water at water stations and the finish line - I told you it was cold!

Race Pros:
GREAT post race party
On time and well marked start

Race Cons:
No Swag Bag - just given a shirt

Overall Race Rating: A

Question of the week:  With all of this cold weather, how do you handle the cold on your runs?

***I am already going to apologize for crazy amounts of pictures and posts while I am Disney next week***

Time to Run,

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