Friday, September 20, 2013

Dumbo Double Dare Challenge 2013 - Part 1 - Disneyland 10K (8/31/13)

If you follow my Twitter account (@brandi1369), you already know that I had an absolute BLAST at the inaugural Disneyland 10K! 

After a fun filled day of expo adventures and fun in the parks with friends, it was a super early morning with a 4:00 wake up call.  I knew I had to be out the door by 4:30 to start heading to the start line and corrals.  I have had my costume planned out for both races since I was in Walt Disney World for the Princess Half Marathon.  The 5K and 10K were both Alice and Wonderland themed which made it easy for me to select my 10K costume.

Yes, I was running as my Alice in Wonderland favorite - Cheshire Cat!  I have been gathering the pieces for my costume for months.  I already had my pink Sparkle Athletic skirt from Princess weekend and I added to it as I found those "must have" pieces.  I made my own tail which included a loop at the end so I could run with it around my wrist - SMART thinking!  I would not have been a happy girl with people stepping on my tail for 6.2 miles.

I went to our Team #runDisney meet up before we all headed off to our corrals.  I was really excited to finally meet some of my other runDisney friends that I have not yet met in person.

Before getting into our corrals, I did have some time to meet-up with several friends.

With my Tweedle friends Jim and Marc

With Henry - a friend from a running costume group (yes, he ran barefoot!)

Beau, my friend from college
After the 5K took off, we headed to our corrals.

Jen is sad that I was hating on her GA Bulldogs :)

Corral D is the place to be!

Jen and I goofing off in the corral

Party in Corral D!

The Starting Line! EEEEK
After we started, the next 6.2 miles went by rather quickly.  Jen, Lena, and I knew that we wanted to take it easy since we had 13.1 more miles to run in 24 hours.  We used the Galloway run-walk method for both races, but had shorter run intervals during the 10K (and had a TON of fun).  Rather than write about our 6.2 mile journey, I will let the pictures and captions tell the story.....

Mile 1 - CHECK!!

Jen found us on the course!

I always love the signs at runDisney races!

Race selfie with Jim!

I found Linda on the course!

Mile 2!

I LOVE the number 13, so it made me happy to see this

Running selfie in Carsland

Lena getting some love from the cast members

Lena, Jen, and myself in California Adventure

Another group picture

Mile 3 - almost 1/2 way there!

My fellow costume-lover friend Kirsten from back in Atlanta found me on the course!

I found the Kelsch family!

The 3 of us running down Main Street!

Castle picture

Mile 4! Boom!

So the float actually says "PAINT" - my head made it say "PAIN"....


Just having some fun in ToonTown

The Cast Member support was awesome along the way

Mile 5 had Alice greeting you

Castle time!

Running through the castle selfie

Mile 6 - we are almost there!


Part 1 done, 13.1 miles separates us from a whole lot of BLING!

It is pretty fair to say that we had an awesome time running the Inaugural Disneyland 10K!  The course was amazing and the atmosphere was even better!  A majority of the course was held within the two parks which made everything seem to go by very quickly.  After the 10K, it was time for a quick shower then off to brunch with the most amazing group of friends!

Be sure to check out Jen's recap as well!

Time to Run,


  1. I love all the great pictures! What an awesome race!

    1. Thank you! We had a blast for sure and the miles just flew by. I can't wait to share my half marathon recap.

  2. Great recap. I loved all the great candid pictures you and Jen took. Following along has me wanting to get out to CA to do a race there. Looking forward to Wine n Dine in a few months

    1. I am pretty excited for Wine and Dine myself. Sadly, my BRF Jen won't be making the trip to Wine and Dine with me. I will miss her a lot on the adventure, but it will be a great time for sure!

  3. Love this recap! Your pictures are FAB. The dole whip costume ROCKS! Thanks for sharing looking forward to next installment.

    1. Thanks Julie! I cannot wait to share our half marathon experience. We had a wonderful time. Hopefully you can join in on the fun next year!

  4. Awesome job and great recap of a fun race! I LOVE your Heeeyyyy picture! So cute! Glad I got to meet you on race morning even though it was brief. Loved your costume! :0)

  5. Finally catching up on blogs. Y'all have some really cute photos from the race!